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Piper Dolls

Piper Doll is a Chinese company based in Guangzhou.

Piper Dolls are realistic sex toys that feature Japanese and cartoon-inspired designs. In terms of both look and feel, they're among the highest quality products in the industry. They come in different models (the Piper Doll Ariel, the Ever After High Melody Piper Doll, etc.) to suit various preferences. In 2017, Mizuwali officially launched the Piper Doll brand. As a renowned photographer and designer in the sex doll industry, Mizuwali was able to create toys like none other. The manufacturing process involves creating each product by hand. Experts use a unique Platinum TPE blend to make the look and feel as realistic as possible. Additionally, the metal skeleton allows the toy to mimic the movement of real humans. As an official distributor of the brand, SensualDolls offers the best Piper Sex Dolls around at guaranteed lowest prices.

Unique Supplier

Piper supplies dolls with unique anime designs.

As you browse our selection, the appeal of Piper Sex Dolls will become apparent. These toys take inspiration from Japanese anime and manga to bring your fantasies to life. Users appreciate their realistic beauty and femininity for both solo sessions and partner sex. Each model is unique to suit various preferences. You can explore different sizes, curves, and hair colors via the Piper Doll Ariel, Ever After High Melody Piper Doll, etc. You can even customize your toys with wigs, clothes, and other accessories. While designs vary, models have a few key similarities. They're around 4 feet tall, making it easy to move around the bedroom as you please. They're also elastic and come with a seamless neck join, making them much more realistic than other sex toys. The head isn't removable to keep in line with realism. However, remember that you can customize to your heart's desire. Ready to treat yourself to one of the most satisfying toys available? Make your purchase today! Prices of full-size dolls range from $1500 to $3,000 USD.

Highly Customizable

You'll find that your purchase is highly customizable.

When you place your order, you'll find that your purchase is highly customizable. While there's an extensive selection of dolls to choose from, each doll can be custom-built to your preferences for a unique, personalized look. You can select the doll's skin tone from 6 different hues, choose between 16 different hairstyles, 8 eye colors and several fingernail and toenail colors. A unique option this company provides is to make the breasts hollow at no extra cost, making them softer. The standard breasts are filled with solid TPE, which makes them more firm. You also get to choose the doll's nipple size and color, and decide if you want to add pubic hair (and how much of it).

Piper Torso 83cm( 2'9'' ) J cup | Risako Piper Torso 83cm( 2'9'' ) J cup | Risako
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Brand: Piper Dolls
Piper Doll-  the most adorable dolls in the industry. Apart from being extremely cute, they have a seamless neckline with no detachable head. The face is innocent yet super sexy with a cute little nose and full pouty lips. The skin is super soft and pleasing to the touch, a great choice for tho..
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