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Eyelash Extensions


One of the most significant aspects of crossdressing is feminizing your face. This is because people form opinions about you based on more than just your outward appearance and demeanor. Your face features are also quite significant, and men and women have very distinct ones. The eyelashes provide a good example of this variation. Your eyes will look more alluring, sensual, and feminine with long, curled eyelashes. However, males typically have shorter and tougher eyelashes, which makes it that much more challenging to pass as a female. That can be fixed, but only if you have the right expertise. Inexperienced makeup artists often have unnatural-looking eyelashes because they lack these talents.

One of these essential abilities is knowing how to pick the best lash style for your face. The majority of lash sets have extra material, so you'll need to master the art of trimming them down. Learning how to glue and apply the lashes correctly is also crucial if you want them to look natural and feminine.

This article is an attempt to impart some knowledge about false eyelashes to my fellow crossdressing sistas. By adding these extensions, they can make their features appear more feminine without being unnatural. Therefore, I pray that you are able to acquire a set of alluring and captivating eyes, which will enhance your time spent crossdressing. Because of this, all the advice will center on picking and applying the right lashes.

1. Choose the Right Fake Eyelashes

There are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for false eyelashes to give our eyes a more feminine appearance. To begin, lashes come in a wide range of lengths, thicknesses, colors, and shapes.

Depending on your spending plan, durability may also be an issue; however, I'll get to that in a bit. Considering all of these factors is crucial since they will impact the end result. In light of this, I plan to fully flesh out each one.


It might be said that the lash quality is the product's most crucial feature. How well and what kind of consequence you can anticipate are determined by it. As a result, low-quality lashes may look fake and flimsy, even at a distance. The effect looks artificial and too bright. Allergies might be triggered, depending on the material used. If you want to stay out of trouble like this, stick to tried-and-true brands.

Durability, another aspect of quality, is directly related to your financial situation. Single usage of less durable lashes are less expensive, but they may become more expensive to acquire over time. If you intend to reuse your false eyelashes, choosing ones that are more durable may be a cost-effective option. To determine if your crossdressing is worthwhile, keep track of how often you do it and add up the costs.


Consider your individual eyelash length and the purpose for which you wish to use this item while deciding on the appropriate size. Exaggeration is not required for realistic effects or for the occasional cross-dressing scene. Why? Because doing so would detract from the authenticity of the situation. You need to strike a balance. Try to get false eyelashes that are thicker or wider than your natural ones without looking unnatural.

Instead of getting a set of lashes that doesn't allow for much personalization, buying individual lashes is a wonderful option. However, if you're going for a more artistic appearance, the larger the better, and exaggeration is recommended. However, if the size of the lashes is the only thing holding you back from purchasing a pair you liked, remember that you can always trim them to your liking.


It's true that most false eyelashes, like natural ones, are black, but there may be the occasional difference in colour. Although it is not always the case, the quality of clear lashes can be subpar. The darkness of the mascara will help your eyelashes stand out and draw attention to your feminine features.

To clarify, I mean that the color of higher-quality lashes is more similar to the natural color of eyelashes. And so, if you want a credible result, you should give it top priority. However, pigmentation can be added to alter the shade, such as using a coat of black mascara.


In addition, the form matters because some frames are better suited to particular facial features and eye colors than others. Gender transition is unaffected by this, as most body types may be adapted to suit a female form. I'll do my best to elaborate because it affects the level of realism and the quality of your appearance. If your eyes are close set, you can make them appear further apart by using a combination of long lashes and winged eyeliner on the outer corners of your eyes.

Having too much distance between your eyes might make your eyes appear smaller. To make your pupils appear larger, apply individual lashes carefully positioned at the middle of your eyes. However, adding volume with lashes to the outer corners of downcast eyes might help to bring them up.

2. Cut to Size

Any eyelash style can benefit from this advice. Because they are unlikely to match the dimensions of your natural eyelids. It's normal to see a little extra around the edges; if you do, trim it away before putting the eyelashes. A fast comparison with the length of your eyes is a smart technique to determine where to trim them. Hold it directly where you see the most puffiness, usually right over your eyes. Then, cut it out with x-acto blades or precise scissors.

If you want accurate measurements, a good tip is to use tweezers to grip the lashes. Make sure the artificial lashes begin at the same point as your own and taper off just past the outer corner of your eye for a more natural look. Remember that you should never trim the lashes from the center outward. The last bit of cutting advice I have is that you should take individual measurements for each eye. It's not uncommon for people to have slightly differing sized eyes.

3. Choose and Apply the Glue

You do half the effort in applying false eyelashes, and the glue does the other half. The quality and longevity of the lashes' attachment to your eyes depend on the glue. To ensure a permanent bond, it's crucial to use the right glue and apply it correctly. To keep the eyelashes from breaking off is another benefit. To prevent allergies and other negative reactions, you should also pay close attention to the product's quality.

In addition, I suggest you select a glue that is commensurate with your skill, experience, and patience. Although slow-drying glues allow for greater precision in placement, they also run the risk of causing the lashes to fuse together if left on for too long. They provide you more versatility, which is a definite benefit. In case you mess up the placement of your lashes the first time, you can simply readjust them.

Fast-drying glues, on the other hand, will keep your lashes in place even after you've cried a river. They keep longer, fuller lashes from drooping or bending, and are therefore ideal for those with such lashes. If you are too sluggish, the glue will dry before you have a chance to connect the lashes, and then it will lose its tackiness and no longer hold. In this sense, seasoned crossdressers can benefit more from fast-setting glues. They're experts at applying false eyelashes on themselves.

Regardless of the glue you end up using, practice makes perfect. To get the most out of your glue, wait a few seconds after applying it so it can cure. Reason being, if the glue isn't sticky, the lashes could slide about when you put them on. As a general rule, the glue should be placed directly to the lashes, but you should never hold the lashes under the adhesive. If you do, you risk getting adhesive all over your fingers and the lash line. Position them such that gravity fights the adhesive and they are floating above it. It ensures you get the proper quantity out of the tube and stops extra adhesive from dripping onto the lashes. If you want extra insurance against messes, use a little paintbrush to apply it. Tweezers can be used to apply the adhesive with even greater precision. When applying false eyelashes, focus on the base of the lashes where they will touch your skin.

4. How to Apply the Lashes

This is the toughest component and requires the greatest time and effort to master. If you want your eyelashes to seem natural, you need to take your time and follow these instructions. If you succeed, you'll have eyelashes that seem natural and feminine, which will subtly but noticeably soften your expressions.

Curling your lashes

False eyelashes, like natural female eyelashes, are often curved. In contrast, most men's eyelashes lack any noticeable curl and are instead very straight. The incompatibility between your actual and fake lashes may stem from this fundamental difference. In order to make them seem more natural, curling your own lashes before applying the extensions is a wonderful idea. Some individuals use their fingers for this, but an eyelash curler is recommended for optimal results. Get out your eyelash curlers and squeeze the bases of your lashes. Pump it up by gently squeezing it a few times. Yes, it will curl your lashes at the base, but you'll need to do it again. Apply the clamp in the center of your lashes this time for a more natural look.

Place the lashes with care

Then you must grasp the glued-on lashes with tweezers. You should check your progress in a mirror since they should be applied symmetrically and should look like your natural lashes. To do this, apply the false lashes so that their tips are even with the base of your real lashes.

There's no magic about it; it just takes time and effort. But if you stare at yourself in the mirror with your chin up and eyes open, you could find it simpler. Always choose slow-drying glues for your first attempts; they'll give you more leeway and will cure slowly enough for practice. After you've gotten the hang of things, you may graduate to faster-drying glues.

Blend the lashes

If you want your lashes to look perfect after you've applied and positioned them, there are a few details you shouldn't forget. The first happens when you squeeze your fake and real lashes together. Use your fingers or a pinching instrument, whatever you choose. To keep the artificial lashes from being ruined or detached, be cautious and gentle.

The idea is to have them talking to each other so they seem like they belong together. You risk giving the impression that your eyelashes are split in two if you skip this step. If you remember to pinch them, however, the fake lashes will blend in with your natural lashes and not stand out as an additional set.

Apply Mascara

The second one consists in applying a coat of mascara to both eyelashes. Not only does it highlight and emphasize them, but it also darkens the region and helps everything blend together. Feminine eyes tend to have thicker eyelashes, while men’s are rather thin. Even a slight coat of mascara can reduce this difference, making your natural lashes look thicker and blend better with the false ones. This kind of little detail ends up making a very noticeable difference, which boosts the feminizing potential of your eyes.

5. How to Store False Lashes

In spite of the fact that the most majority of fake lashes are intended to be thrown away after use, the better quality ones may be worn several times. When you take care of your lashes and reuse them, you may save money. Taking off the lashes carefully after each application will do this.

When you're done, remove any traces of glue or mascara using an oil-free makeup remover and a cotton swab. Keeping the same set of lashes in use for an extended period of time may indicate that you should forego mascara altogether. That's because if you put it on and take it off too often, it might weaken your lashes.

Excess moisture on the lashes may therefore create allergies, thus this should be avoided. Apply a low heat setting to a hair dryer and hold it a safe distance from your eyelashes to evaporate any extra water. Don't dry it too much as the lashes might crack or melt, depending on the material.

Finally, make sure that your eyelashes have a safe place to be kept. My advice is to store them as directed; most include curved regions that help them retain their form when stored in their original packaging. The similar result may be achieved with an eyelash case, however the shape of the latter will be somewhat rounded. Like with fresh eyelashes, any method you pick should be stored in a dry environment.

You've learned the fundamentals of applying eyelashes. First, you'll want to evaluate the lashes to choose which is best for you. Make sure they are the right size, shape, and material for your eyes, and that they last. Choose a glue that is appropriate for your current skill level and switch to a more advanced glue later. If you want your lashes to seem even more natural after you've applied them, give them a little more attention towards the end. Regardless, regular practice is the most important thing you can do.

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