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Big Booty Sex Dolls


Big Booty Sex Dolls

Realistic Big Booty Sex Dolls for Sale

Craving for some quality Big Booty sex with a big round juicy ass? You are going to love our Big Booty sex dolls collection. For those of you who do not know already, Big Booty sex dolls are also referred to as Big Butt sex dolls, Big Ass sex dolls or BBW love dolls. Big Booty sex dolls consist of a collection of big, plump and beautiful women who understands that a woman's beauty should not be confined by the virtue of slimness. Women with big butts and huge tits are considered to be the sexiest women on the planet, so it is no wonder why our extensive Big Booty sex dolls collection is one of our best-selling categories. 

Our gorgeous and chubby sex dolls will give you the sex of your lifetime in ways that you never felt possible. These big booty sex dolls are designed to help you to fulfill your big booty dreams. These curvy babes are made of heavy-duty, medical-grade materials such as silicone and TPE, giving them real life look and feel. You can count on these sex dolls to feel firm, flexible, but also very soft at all the right spots. These huge boobs, big ass mature hotties come in all different types: some are natural skinned blonde women, others can be curly haired young Latina girls. They do have some common characteristics: an attractive chubby fat body, big breasts to suck on, round big butts to pound on, sexy thick thighs for your fingers to run through, and warm fleshy vagina to place your cock inside. 

If you have read this far, we know you crave big seductive curves, huge boobs, wide hips, and juicy round asses! That is completely understandable - very few men can resist the temptation of a big beautiful woman. For some men, sex dolls Big Booty represents the climax of sexuality.  Whether it's the busty breasts, bountiful bellies or bootylicious backsides that turn you on, WM dolls can satisfy your cravings better than any other dolls. At Sensual Dolls, we can help you to indulge your wildest fantasies with Big Booty sex dolls of your dream, combining all the sensuality of the female body into one “plus-size” lady doll. All body parts (including vagina, mouth, and anus) of our Big Booty sex dolls are tailored to the specs of real women, which optimize your experience of oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex. Furthermore, we ensure that all parts of our Big Booty sex dolls to be anatomically correct so that we can provide you with the best possible Big Booty experience. 

Why You Should Buy a Big Booty Sex Doll?

We all have our own preferences when it comes to sexual partner. There is nothing embarrassing about finding curvy big women hot and want to have sex with them. But if you are peer pressured into non-engagement with chubby ladies in public but still want to scratch that itch, then buying a yl doll that matches your dream chubby girl is the perfect alternative. This especially applies to those of you who are attracted to big beautiful women but date a thin woman as a cover. You have got to buy a Big Booty sex doll to fulfill your unmet desires.

There is a lot of evidence that men prefer full figured women over thin ones. Online searches for "fat" girl trumps searches for "thin" girl nearly 3 to 1. According to Alexa listings, there are more than 500 adult sites dedicated to Big Booty as compared to less than 200 sites for skinny ladies. 

Perhaps the best thing about owning a thick sex doll is that she will never reject any wild and sexually experimental idea of yours. She is always there for you, ready to be used and give you unconditional love. Your fat love doll will not protest if you decide to explore her backdoor and she will certainly not resist any deep throating. Her beautiful, sensual eyes will only offer you comfort when you stare into them.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Big Booty Sex Doll?

The technologies behind making sex dolls have advanced significantly in the recent years, making your sexual experience with Big Booty love dolls almost real-life-like. Your experience will be almost as real as if you picked up a big, beautiful woman from your local bar, except that our Big Booty sex dolls can satisfy all your desires with no strings attached! The realism of our Big Booty sex dolls will help you say goodbye to any loneliness, anxiety or depression you may suffer from while at the same time make your kinkiest fantasies come true! If your favorite sex companion happens to be a Big Booty lady, then our chubby sex doll for sale is perfect for you.

What Are the Best Features of Big Booty Sex Dolls?

Chubby sex dolls belong to one of the most lustful class of realistic dolls that are known for their extreme seductive appearances. If you are naturally attracted to sexy chubby ladies, then you will like Big Booty sex dolls. The different types of Big Booty sex dolls available are: curvy sex doll, SSBBW sex doll, big sex doll, giant sex doll, fat sex doll, thick sex doll, and chubby sex doll. Below is sub-list of features that you will enjoy:

Big Sexy Round Ass: No more apartment ass with no curve! The juicy, spankable booties found on our Big Booty sex dolls are a huge turn-on for many men. With our chubby Big Booty sex dolls, you can enjoy squeezing that juicy booty for however long you desire. Their vagina feel extremely tight, lifelike and warm. The realistic touch and feel that comes with a big butt sex doll makes it the ultimate choice for comfort sex lovers. 

Huge Breasts: Bigger is better! This is especially true when it comes to sexy boobs. Bigger breasts are the key to enhancing your sexual experience. You can customize the size of your plus size Big Booty sex doll's titties to your liking: perhaps you feel that D-cup and E-cup are not huge enough, you can always choose larger breast sizes up to M-cup. If you are a nipple fanatic, our collection offers you lengthened nipple dolls. Just dive your face into her generous cleavages and suck her arousing nipples. Some of our dolls even have pleasure holes built into their breasts, offering you endless possibilities of sexual climax.

Wide and Curvy Hips: Many of us strongly prefer curvy figures over flat ones, especially the generous hips found on our Big Booty sex dolls. Our mix & match function allows you to choose any of the available super large hips along with a thin waist to optimize your preferred body curves.

Chubby Bodies: Chubby dolls have real big beautiful women's bodies: plus-sized boobs, big hips, amazing curves, tantalizing tummies and more. These realistic and full-bodied TPE and silicone sex dolls are suitable for all. 

What Materials are the Big Booty Sex Dolls made of?

Our chubby realistic sex dolls for sale are made of two types of high quality, hypoallergenic, medical grade materials: TPE and Silicone. You can make your choice based on your requirements as these two types of materials each have their pros and cons: 

TPE stands for elastomer thermoplastic (a.k.a. rubber thermoplastic). It possesses properties of both thermoplastic and elastomeric since it combines both plastic and rubber polymers. Most notable qualities of TPE is are heat retention, extendibility and longevity as it can be patched and washed very quickly.

Silicone is a type of rubber. Depending on the method of preparation, silicone can range from very soft to very rigid. Its best qualities include: able to maintain its original shape even under extreme pressure, heat-resistance and inertness (does not react with most chemicals).

Cost-wise, a chubby silicone sex doll typically has a higher price tag than its TPE counterpart. In fact, TPE is an inexpensive alternative material to silicone without much quality compromise. TPE and silicone can both offer soft touch feelings, making them very similar in their degrees of realism. The minor differences between the two comes into play only when we consider life-like feature: silicone sex dolls have more authentic appearances while TPE sex dolls offer smoother touch and more natural look and feel. 

Our silicone thick sex dolls are non-porous and hence very hygienic (convenient to sterilize). On the flipside, being non-porous means easy to accumulate humidity. In comparison, TPE sex dolls are porous, making them more difficult to sterilize and clean. If not properly cleaned, moisture tend to stay inside the vaginal and anal cavities, making TPE dolls unhygienic.

How to properly take care of Big Booty Sex Dolls?

As with other valued possessions, it is important to maintain your dolls in top notch condition in order to ensure best possible sexual experience as well as no hygiene issues would negatively impact your health. Only then will you be able to enjoy lasting companionship of your real sex doll.

The obvious drawbacks of giant boobs dolls are associated with their bustiness - they are much heavier than average dolls. If you choose the hollow boob option, then their boobs will jiggle more than usual. From the technical standpoint, it is no easy task to engineer a set of light-weight skeleton that can support heavy boobs and butts. When enjoying sex with your Big Booty dolls, we suggest you to refrain from high risk positions such as doggy style because their knees and elbows may not be able to support such heavyweight. Please also return your dolls to their neutral position to avoid unforeseeable damages. The best way to safe keep your Big Booty dolls is to hang them up using a closet bar hook or suspension kit.

Furthermore, TPE dolls may be subjected to flattening and creasing if left sitting or lying in one position on a hard surface for prolonged period of time. We suggest you to use an extra soft mattress and pillow to prevent wears and tears. Please remember not to drag your dolls by their hands or feet. When moving them, please always use the “bear hug” or “arms carry” techniques for added safety.

Browse our collection of beautiful and voluptuous high-quality Big Booty life-size sex dolls from quality brands, pick the cup size and brand that you fancy the most and then add to your wish list or shopping cart. We offer dolls with the highest star rating, the best prices, secure payments and discreet free shipping worldwide to guarantee customer shopping satisfaction and save you some USD. Sign in a member using your username or email and enjoy extra savings (by following coupon links) when you buy all products in the cart. Shop today to avoid empty cart no products.

Our Big Booty sex dolls come from different countries, include European Big Booty sex doll, tanned skin sex doll, ebony Big Booty sex doll, different styles such as pretty lovely, charming, sporty style, petite style, American cowboy style, muscular style, and anime style. The biggest surprise is SSBBW sex doll. All of our Big Booty TPE sex dolls are made of high quality TPE, provide you a surprised real skin feels, harmless to your body, non-toxic, and easy to maintain and clean. You can customize any of our Big Booty sex dolls by skin tone, eye color, hair color and style, nail color, pubic hair style, vagina type, areolas size and color, and etc. You will receive 100% the same Big Booty love doll as you see in our display pictures (clothings and assessories aside).

We have over 10 years of big booty sex doll production experience and are continuously innovating. With guaranteed lowest factory direct pricing and free world-wide shipping, what are you waiting for? We can help you to find some of the biggest butt in the world! Order your big booty bride doll today and wake up to incredible booty sex every morning! 


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