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Garter Belts


When we crossdress, wearing stockings might make us look more feminine and sexy, but it's a pain when they keep falling off because they aren't fastened properly. Garter belts will be handy in this situation. I'll tell you the best way I know how to wear a garter belt with stockings so that they look great and stay put on your legs because that's what I love to do. A few examples of such "hacks" include learning how to wear them correctly, locating the best possible fittings, and securing them in place. Learn the proper way to fasten garter belts on stockings for a smooth and stylish finish to your crossdressing ensembles.

Putting A Garter With Thigh Highs On

Since stockings and garter belts are typically worn by women when they want to feel sexier or have an intimate night with their lovers, I know that we are not accustomed to wearing them. However, these items are gaining popularity in the world of crossdressing style because of the attraction and charm they provide to our overall appearance.

Read on for detailed instructions on how to secure your garter belt with your thigh-high stockings.

1. Putting the Garter On

Putting the garter on your waist is the first step. Normally, garter belts come with Velcro or hooks and clasps to make them more secure. Ensure that your garter belt sits on your waistline, which should be one or two cm above your navel.

Make sure the garter belt fits properly before hooking the back clasps. I know it may seem odd at first because we’re not used to wearing anything with hooks at the back, except the bras we wear during our crossdressing sessions. My advice: you can hook it at the front and then just turn it around when it’s your first time wearing a garter belt.

2. Wearing Your Thigh High Stockings

After wearing the garter belt, it’s time to slip your thigh-high stockings up your legs. If you're not used to wearing tight clothing, like stockings, it may feel strange at first. If you want to keep the stockings from ripping, you should pull on them carefully.

Because our thighs are often larger in size than women's and stockings are designed based on women's proportions, you may find that the seams slide down as the material reaches your thigh.

Nonetheless, if you are exceptionally tall or have quite powerful legs, you can always try crossdresser-specific items or plus-size stockings! The garter belt straps must be kept at the same level as the top of the stockings at all times.

3. Attaching the Garter Clasps to Your Stockings

To finish the look, connect the garter strap to your stockings once they are at the correct length. The clasp needs to extend at least an inch past the seams of the stocking to be considered well fitted. Once the clasps have been positioned correctly, hook them into place.

Careful handling is required if the clasps are made of plastic; otherwise, they may shatter when manipulated.

4. Readjusting Garter Straps

It is possible, especially if you are crossdressing all day, that you will need to readjust the garter straps after you have put on your garter and stockings. This will keep them where they need to be without causing you any discomfort.

If you think the garter straps are putting too much pressure on your flesh, you should try moving around in your garter belt and stockings before readjusting them. In that case, you may simply readjust the garter straps to fit your needs.

5. Donning Undergarments

Once you’re finally comfortable with how the garter and stockings fit on you, it’s time to wear your underwear. I recommend that you ensure that your privates are neatly tucked so that there is no visible protrusion. For lacy underwear that will make you feel more feminine, try Roanyer; putting on your underwear after your garter belts will make taking them off when you have to use the restroom much less of a hassle. However, if you’ll only be out for a brief while, you’re also allowed to wear your underwear first before donning your garter belts.

Tips on Choosing The Perfect Garter Belt

The appropriate garter belt to complement your crossdressing outfit may be difficult to locate because males rarely use them. Using the following advice, you may select the best one for your needs.

1. Getting the Right Size

A suitable garter belt should neither be too tight that it pinches your waist or too loose that it falls off when wearing. When your garter belt is too loose, it might not retain your thigh-high stockings perfectly, making them fall off your thighs while crossdressing. My stylist insists that I take an accurate waist measurement in order to determine my correct body size.

On average, men have narrower hips and a more squared-off build than women. Since garter belts are generally based on female bodies, I suggest always choosing one size down when buying girdles and garter belts. A thinner garter belt, like the ones ladies use, can also assist compress our waist and make it look trimmer.

Garter belts with adjustable straps are preferable for the same reason; you can adjust them to the perfect fit and length to keep your stockings in place. If the garter belt's straps are modifiable, you can keep wearing it regardless of whether you gain or lose weight.

2. Choosing One with Metal Clasps

Garter belts' hooks and clasps might be metal or plastic. It's up to you, however I'd go for one that has metal clasps if I were you. Metal ones are certain to have a firmer hold on your stockings than plastic ones due to the metal's superior durability. Additionally, plastic clasps might snap or break when you tug too hard.

3. Getting the Best Straps

Not only should the garter straps be easily adjusted, but they should also be strong enough to last. My stylist suggests obtaining a garter belt with six straps for a stronger hold. If you wear your garter for too long, the seams are more prone to pop if it has fewer straps.

Even better, use elastic straps. Garter clasps won't pop no matter how much you and your buddies are on the move since they'll retain your thigh-high stockings in place. Thicker straps offer a better grasp than thinner ones, so choose for those.

4. Knowing the Right Amount of Coverage You Want

You can customize your outfit to your personal taste by selecting the appropriate garter belt coverage. Whether you opt for a broader or thinner belt, it's important to think about how it will feel on your body since you'll be wearing it all day long when you're crossdressing.

For me, a broader garter belt is preferable to a thinner one because it offers more support and is more comfortable to wear. However, they are rarely visible because they are hidden by our crossdressing attire.

5. Picking the Right Material

In addition to considering the level of protection you require, you should pick a material that allows you to move freely and without restriction. Garter belts and thigh-high stockings are an everyday need for us because we are crossdressers. There can't be any itching or irritation from the fabric for at least 24 hours.

Garter belts are best made of satin or cotton, according to my stylist. These fabrics are airy and thin, so you won't overheat in that area.

Garters and Corsets

It's only natural for us to want to wear corsets to achieve the sexy hourglass figure we so desperately seek, given our square shoulders and broad hips. And before you worry that corsets would prevent you from donning garters, know that you are mistaken. Garter belts are another accessory that go nicely with corsets. It is important, however, to recall a few landmarks:

The corset should cover the garter belt, hence it should be longer than the belt.

Having a corset with garter tabs is an added bonus. The garter tabs on your corset are the little loops into which the garter belt's hooks will go. Before you hook your thigh-high stockings to the corset, make sure all the straps are securely fastened to the garment.

Wear Your Garter Belts Loud and Proud

When we cross-dress, we appear fashionable in our garter belts and thigh-high stockings, especially when we pair them with short skirts or mini-dresses. If we want to spare ourselves the public humiliation of reattaching them in the middle of the day, we must figure out a way to keep them securely attached at all times.

In addition, I love to wear them with my corset, which, like a woman's waist, helps to draw attention to my smallest feature. Where do you stand, if at all? Where do you stand on the topic of garter belts?

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