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Sex Doll Head for Sale

Did you accidentally damage the head of your sex doll? Perhaps you want to upgrade the look and feel of your existing doll? Or do you want to experience a different sex doll each day of the week? If so, you have come to the right place. Our sex doll head collection is dedicated to those of you who wish to buy sex doll head only. Buying a brand new sex doll can be a significant investment, potentially costing you a few thousand dollars. A much more economical way to spice up your doll love life is to purchase another sex doll head. With our wide variety of sex doll heads available, you can easily find a matching one to your existing sex doll body without reinventing the wheel - keep all the bodily features that you are happy with and wake up to a whole new sex doll by simply switching to a new sex doll head! After all, we all know that variety is the key to spicing up our lives. You can even get a number of your favorite love doll heads and enjoy a different sex doll each day of the week by simply changing her head! With each new head, your love doll will adopt a whole new personality which is endowed through her new hair color, eye color, as well as other facial features and expressions. Love doll head hunting is a very affordable way to live out your polygamist dream!

For those of you that are new to sex dolls, you may find making a few thousand dollars investment on a product that you cannot "try before you buy" a rather risky undertaking. Buying a standalone sex doll head for only a few hundred dollars will allow you to experience first hand the incredible realism of our dolls. For the oral enthusiasts out there, you will also be able to enjoy awesome blow-jobs. Once you are convinced with our impeccable quality, you can then choose to add a matching body during one of our sales. We will even offer you a $100 USD coupon should you decide to buy a matching body from SensualDolls.

Sex Doll Head Shopping Guide

Sex doll heads can be categorized in the following ways:

  • By Material: sex doll heads are either made from medical-grade silicone or TPE. A silicone sex doll head enjoys more realistic appearances but is also more expensive than its TPE counterpart. Furthermore, silicone sex doll heads support both synthetic and real hair implantation as well as semi-permanent makeup for added realism. Silicone sex doll heads can be integrated with TPE sex doll bodies to form hybrid sex dolls. This is often the preferred choice of budget-conscious clients who really appreciate the added facial realism of silicone sex doll head. TPE sex doll heads can also be integrated with silicone sex doll bodies but clients rarely choose such a combo.
  • By Genre: Realistic, Fantasy, Anime, Hentai, etc.
  • By Race: Caucasian, Asian, African American, Latino, etc.
  • By Hair Color: Blonde, Brunette, Black, Purple, Silver, etc.
  • By Brand: WM, YL, OR, SE, Irontech, DH168, Doll4Ever, etc.

Furthermore, most sex doll heads come with the following options:

  • Enhanced mouth with tongue: a realistic fixed tongue and uvula can significantly enhance the oral sex experience for those of you blow-job fans.
  • Hair style: a variety of wig is available for you to choose. By default, your new love doll head will come with one wig.
  • Skin color: our sex doll heads come in 7 different skin colors. Please make sure to choose the color tone that matches your sex doll body.
  • Eyes: while most of our love doll heads have beautiful wide open eyes, certain models do come with closed eyes for those of you who enjoy submissive sex. Eye colors can also be chosen according to your preference.
  • Ears: certain fantasy sex doll heads come with slender pointed ears resembling that of an elf.
  • Gender: most of our sex doll heads have female faces but we do carry a growing catalog of male heads. For those of you adventurous types, you can experiment with connecting a male head to your female sex doll body to try out the ultimate tranny transform. The vice versa can also work!

High-end advanced users can also consider our sex robot heads, which have advanced artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities such as speech, facial expression, facial recognition and more. Imaging a mere head switch can turn your existing inanimate love doll into an intelligent & sentient being! Sounds futuristic? With just a few clicks of buttons, you can fast forward into the future of co-existence with A.I. love robots.

Sex Doll Head Mix & Match Rules

Mixing and matching sex doll heads and bodies can be an effective practice for variety and customization. Sex doll heads and bodies can connect in two ways: screw on head connector and snap push-fit connector. Most sex doll heads use the M16 screw connector, which means that as long as your doll is over 140cm (4ft6) in height, you can most likely mix and match heads from different brands for even more choices of customizations. You can also specifically request for the snap type connector head. If you are unsure of how to mix and match, please contact our sexperts for step by step instructions and advices.

Advantages of Buying Sex Doll Head Only

There are numerous advantages of buying standalone sex doll heads:

  • Low Cost: If you are bored of your existing love doll and wants to try out a new one, the most economical way is to buy a standalone sex doll head to match your existing sex doll body. A sex doll head typically cost less than $500 USD. Since it is also much lighter to ship a sex doll head only, you will also save on courier costs.
  • Reduced Turn Around Time: It is much faster for our manufacturers to produce the sex doll head only as compared to the full body sex doll. Consequently, you can expect to receive your "new doll" faster than typical full-body sex doll purchases.
  • Wide Applications: If you happen to be in an industry that employ mannequins (e.g. fashion retail and hair salon) and want to take top-notch, highly realistic model pictures to promote your products without actually hiring an expensive model, then replacing your existing foam or plastic mannequin head with one of our hyper-realistic silicone or TPE sex doll head would be a great approach. Your customers will surely appreciate the added realism which will in turn boost your sales conversion!

In summary, switching the head of your love doll is the easiest and most economical way to give your real doll a major makeover. This will also allow you to keep your relationship with your love doll both fresh and polygamous. Just imaging waking up to a new lover every morning! Sounds exciting? Act today and order your favorite sex doll heads from our extensive head collection. We can source any sex doll head you find on the Internet from our wide network of partnering manufacturers. We can even custom build a sex doll head based on your requirements. Please contact our friendly support staff to get exactly what you are looking for.

Lastly as a gentle reminder, please check your existing love doll head to make sure it is detachable. Certain models of hyper-realistic sex dolls have fixed head which do not support head swapping. We have over 10 years of sex doll head production experience and are continuously innovating. With guaranteed lowest factory direct pricing and free world-wide shipping, what are you waiting for? Order your sexdoll head today! 

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