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Anime Sex Dolls

What are anime sex dolls?

Do you fancy girls with big boobs? Are you a huge fan of Japanese anime or comic characters? Do you have sexual fantasies with your favorite anime character? If so, then you got to try out sex with an anime sex doll. Anime sex dolls are sometimes referred to as Japanese sex dolls because anime characters are first popularized in Japan. Anime Sex Dolls consist a major class of fantasy sex dolls that have highly seductive features including surreally beautiful body features like huge boobs nice round butt and irresistible curves, all of which fulfill our wildest fantasies. Recall your favorite animated character from a comic movie or cartoon magazine with attractive figure and your desire to get her laid? Won’t you be excited if such a fairy angel is waiting for you at home in your bed? This is exactly what you will get here at SensualDolls USA!

It used to be the case that anime sex dolls felt cold and smelled plastic. But with our recent technology break throughs, anime sex dolls are now tailored with advanced materials such as silicone and TPE, enabling the dolls to attain human-like, real warm skin touch. Anime sex dolls have captivating big eyes - so expressive that they help you to connect with the anime character. Most TPE love dolls have plump bodies, charming big boobs, tight big butt and real person faces. You can easily rearrange your anime love doll to your favorite sexual positions and enjoy the incredible sucking effect of her tight vagina.

As you may already know, anime and hentai dolls are well-known through their appearances in animated porn videos. Anime porn usually has attractive characters and intriguing storylines that can easily get viewers addicted. Anime sex dolls are adult toys that are made as perfect replicas of popular anime characters. These dolls possess the exact facial and bodily features of anime characters in fictional stories. Just imaging all the wild male sexual fantasies that you can experience with your perfectly cute anime sex doll. At, our online mega store offers the most realistic looking anime sex dolls from the highest quality brand in the market. Our anime love dolls are so realistic looking that they are often found in Japanese brothels, serving clients that want to spend quality time with manga sex dolls instead of real call-girls and order the dolls by placing these products in the cart after their good times. Our online price filter can help you search and choose the most suitable, high quality anime sex doll for you to buy without breaking your bank. Subscribe to our newsletter and qualify for free shipping to your designated address.

Can Anime Sex Dolls help resolve intimacy issues?

Human touch is vital for your well-being. With our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, many of use suffer from touch starvation. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic further aggravate this problem due to mandatory social distancing. The symptoms of touch starvation may include depression, anxiety, and stress, mostly because your body is releasing too much stress hormone (cortisol). Quality anime sex dolls are perfect for curing touch starvation by helping you to simulate the experience of touch with someone close while still complying with the necessary pandemic health protocols. They can help you relax and achieve sexual release that improves your mood an overall wellbeing. You will most likely feel bonding and links with a real anime girl, causing your body to release oxytocin (a.k.a. ‘love hormone’). 

What Materials are Anime Sex Dolls Made of?

Anime and Hentai sex dolls are typically made of tasteless, odorless and hypoallergenic materials such as silicone or TPE. All our dolls have realistic facial expressions, silky soft skin and an embedded sturdy metal skeleton, enabling these anime sex dolls to assume a variety of positions. The common characteristics of our anime sex dolls include:

Anime sex dolls come with realistic-looking female parts and they all have an opening where the penis can enter. Users can stick their dicks inside the anus, mouth and vagina of the dolls for a satisfying experience.

These dolls come with life-like facial features. Real-life face details are found to be designed on these dolls, from eyes to lips and silky hair, they look nothing short of the actual anime character. Also, they have make-up.

The size of the dolls is typically 150 to 165cm in height and appears as an average Japanese girl.

Anime boy dolls are also available and they come with a penis. They are also designed after hentai characters.

The technically advanced manga sex dolls come with vibrating devices. They may even make sounds or talk and perform small motions.

If you are still unsure which one to pick after browsing our wide selections, you can always choose to further customize any of our anime lifelike sex dolls to tailor to your needs. For example, you may choose different colored eyes, wig or skin tone. Please keep in mind that due to size restrictions, it is usually easier to customize larger anime sex dolls than smaller ones. Some of our customization options are:

color of the vagina

types of pubic hair

nipple color

built-in versus standalone USB heating

eye colors

hair color and style

What are the Different Types of Anime Sex Dolls?

There are many different styles of anime. If you have watched movies and television series featuring anime characters, you would know that the most common theme is the incredibly sexy anime woman designed to fulfill your hentai fantasies. Anime sex dolls can be categorized by their body size (mini to huge), proportions, clothing and their respective fantasy type as outlined below:

Lolicon – focuses on pre-pubescent, pubescent or post-pubescent girls who are heterosexual or homosexual. These dolls all have big asses and are usually dressed in school uniforms or other teenager clothing.

Catgirl – focuses on female characters that exhibit characteristics of a cat woman. These dolls usually have large boobs and big round asses. Furthermore, their looks are spiced up with cat tails, ears and whiskers.

Bakunyu – focuses on women who have exceptionally big breasts. Our life size anime sex dolls are designed to feed you irresistible Bakunyu fantasies that come with exploding breasts.

Additionally, you can choose hentai dolls by their hair color. Each color has a unique meaning and it suggests a special kind of personality:

Yellow – popular, sexy, over-confident and a man-pleaser

Green – smart, friendly and cute anime character who is capable of forming deep attachments

Orange – optimistic, unpredictable, loyal and spirited, but can also be self-centered

Pink – helpful, happy, childish, cute, innocent and very romantic

Red – dominating, headstrong, loud, self-confident and a passionate lover

How are Anime Sex Dolls Different from Other Sex Dolls?

The single differentiating characteristic that sets aside anime and hentai sex dolls from other types of sex dolls is their massive sized breasts and butts. This attractive attribute has led to many customers specifically searching and shopping for anime sex dolls. Our anime sex dolls are endowed with erogenous zones and genitals closely resemble real girls. When it comes to fulfilling fantasies, anime sex dolls are favorably considered over other types of sex dolls because they have references in popular culture - cartoons, anime movies or porn. For example, hentai porn often have scenes of rough sex involving cute and innocent anime characters dressed om school uniforms. For those of you who fancy rough sex, hentai sex dolls provide a confidential and harmless route to fully explore the darker side of your sexuality. 

How to Play with Your Anime Sex Doll?

Before you start to play with your anime love doll, we recommend you to select a romantic environment so that you can enjoy stress free atmosphere while making love to your doll. Put on a porn, switch off the lights or play some romantic music. You may position your doll between pillows to add to the sensation that you are with your girlfriend. You can place your doll in any position that you fancy. Before you move in, get water-based lube and apply it to your shaft. If you are playing with a boy sex doll, apply lube to your doll’s penis. You can also wear condoms if you want. After you are done playing with your doll, make sure to clean it properly.

Anime Sex Doll 153cm(5') BBW Love Doll Warrior Anime Sex Doll 153cm(5') BBW Love Doll Warrior
New -20 %
This 153cm huge boobs Japanese sex doll is close to the size of a real woman, with a metal skeleton with flexible. Find your high-quality , The skin is super soft and pleasing to the touch, a great choice for those in need of a friend for cuddling. you will get big soft breasts, tight juicy vagina, ..
$1,599.00 $1,999.00
Ex Tax:$1,599.00
Anime Sex Doll 158cm(5'2") Love Doll Leslie Anime Sex Doll 158cm(5'2") Love Doll Leslie
New -17 %
I invited you to have some happy moments with friends and me to celebrate my promotion. I wanted to make it memorable, so I managed to get Leslie to the party. In the hall, there was a mysterious scene. She appeared on the stage wearing multi-colored goggles and hoisting toy pistols in both her hand..
$2,500.00 $2,999.00
Ex Tax:$2,500.00
Blue Elf Anime Sex Doll 158cm(5'2") Sexual Magic Love Doll Blue Elf Anime Sex Doll 158cm(5'2") Sexual Magic Love Doll
New -24 %
Elicia is a stunning sight to behold. She has blue skin and pointed ears as symbols of her elven heritage. Her red and black hair is a beautiful contrast against her pale blue flesh. Elicia is an exotic creature who commands to be the object of your lust and desire. The red ceremonial outfit she wea..
$1,299.00 $1,699.00
Ex Tax:$1,299.00
Lifelike Anime Sex Doll 158cm(5'2") BBW Busty Game Love Doll Chun-Li Lifelike Anime Sex Doll 158cm(5'2") BBW Busty Game Love Doll Chun-Li
New -20 %
Chun-Li is a beautiful girl who is quite demure in nature. Her Chinese origin makes stunningly beautiful. Once you see her, you would want to look at her lovely face many times. That is why Chun-Li is one girl that can be pleasurable to fuck in bed.Now, you have to realize that being in bed with Chu..
$1,599.00 $1,999.00
Ex Tax:$1,599.00
Realistic Anime E-cup Sex Doll 162cm(5'4") Cute Love Doll Realistic Anime E-cup Sex Doll 162cm(5'4") Cute Love Doll
New -10 %
162cm E-cup Silicone Sex Doll Faye can be customized by choosing the options to fit your taste. All of our dolls are created with silicone. With fully articulated posable metal skeletons, the doll can be posed in different positions. 3 holes (oral, anus, vagina) will enhance your experience with the..
$2,699.00 $2,999.00
Ex Tax:$2,699.00
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