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Breast Forms


For transgender folks, breast shapes can be very handy to use. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate all body types. Breast forms complete your crossdressing outfit by enabling you to wear feminine clothing that would otherwise be impractical.

When choosing your ideal 
breast form, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your chest size is the first parameter to consider. You also need to give your body's form some serious thoughts. While certain body types appear better with asymmetrical or triangular shapes, others are better suited to round or teardrop-shaped forms. Another thing to consider is the hue of your skin. While certain shapes are made to contrast with crossdressers' skin tones, others are made to complement it.

Overview Of Breast Forms

To simulate the appearance of feminine breasts on a crossdresser, breast forms are commonly used. Although bras exist in a variety of sizes and forms, not all of them are made equal. It's crucial to choose the proper bra while wearing breast forms since certain bra types complement breast forms better than others. Bras may not be compatible with some breast forms - you can't simply put it on and expect it to look fine. Understanding the many bra styles that are available can help you choose a bra that flatters your figure. The instructions in this page will help you choose breast shapes.
There are two types of materials that go into creating a breast form: liquid and solid.
Crossdressers who seek a realistic look are fond of liquid materials, which are composed of silicone or gel. When touched, they have a smooth texture and flex and bounce like real breasts.
Solid materials are used among crossdressers who wish to seem natural. They are composed of cotton or foam. They make the shape feel more pillowy and flexible and make it seem fat and realistic.

How Do Crossdressers Use Breast Forms?

A crossdresser requires some breast shape to provide the appearance of breasts while wearing clothing that exposes the neckline and décolletage. This is for practical as well as aesthetic considerations.In general, women's apparel is made to accommodate curves, which makes it unbalanced and out of proportion for our MtF crossdressers who lack natural breasts. A breast shape may be worn to regain equilibrium and give off a more natural appearance.The bustline may be shaped with the use of breast forms. They offer you the curves that are absent when you're dressed as a crossdresser with a flat chest. For the ideal crossdressing appearance, a more feminine silhouette is created with the use of breast forms.

Various Breast Form Shapes

On the market, there are four main kinds of breast shapes. The sticky form is the first kind. These forms are popular among crossdressers who wish to wear strapless dresses or tops since they are affixed to the chest using a special adhesive. The fiberfill shape is the second kind. These shapes are formed of cotton or foam, and a substance that gives them realism is put inside of them. They are well-liked by crossdressers who want to feign breasts without donning a bra. The silicone form is the third kind. These silicone forms are the most lifelike breast forms currently on the market. Crossdressers who wish to seem natural find them to be popular. The foam shape is the fourth kind. These foam forms are the least expensive kind of breast form accessible. Crossdressers who wish to experiment with various sizes and forms find them to be popular.

How Do Breast Forms Work

Although they are worn within the bra, breast shapes are not fastened to it. They may be adjusted to the proper position by moving them around within the bra cup. Breast forms may be used beneath bras to assist provide the appearance of breasts and to fill out too-loose or flimsy bras.Any sort of bra may be used with breast forms, however certain bra designs seem more attractive than others. Due to its low neckline and excellent support for breast shapes, full-coverage bras are simple to wear. For breast shapes, a demi-cup bra is also a wonderful option since it has a low cut and offers more coverage than a balconette bra. Because of its extremely high cut and lack of covering, a balconette bra is not the best choice for breast shapes.

How to Wear Breast Forms?

  1. Establish what size breast shape you need. Given the range of sizes and shapes available, it's critical to choose the one that best fits your physique.
  2. Clean the breast shape with water.
  3. Dust the form's inside and outside with baby powder.
  4. To hold hair in place, use a hair net.
  5. To stretch open the shape for wear, use the backs of both hands.
  6. Put on by inserting your head through the neck hole while supporting yourself with the backs of both hands.
  7. Next, insert your right arm into the aperture for your right arm and vice versa.
  8. Put on a bra and arrange the breast shape accordingly.

How To Choose The Size Of Your Breast Form

To get the finest results, it's crucial to get the proper size breast shape. The breast shape won't seem realistic if it is too tiny. A large breast shape might slip around within your bra and give you a strange appearance.
Measuring your chest measurement and working from there is the quickest way to determine what size you need. You may determine your chest size in two different ways: by measuring your chest circumference, and by determining your cup size.
Chest Measurement
Make sure the measuring tape passes beneath both of your arms as you encircle the widest portion of your chest. Your chest circumference in inches is represented by the number on the measuring tape. You should choose a breast shape that is one to two inches smaller than the diameter of your chest. If you are in between sizes, it is preferable to choose the smaller size since huge breast shapes might seem heavy and unnatural.
Cup Size
While standing in front of a mirror, measure your band size while wearing a bra that fits appropriately. The bra band's size is indicated by its number, which is found just below each breast. Stand sideways in front of a mirror and glance down to determine your cup size. You have a B cup if your chest protrudes over the bra's cups. You have an A cup if there is room between your chest and the bra cups. It could be difficult to find breast forms that fit properly if you have a tiny frame and an A or B cup size since most sizes are too big for you.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Various Materials

Breast forms may be made from a few different materials, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.
The most often used substance for breast forms is silicone since it feels and movements the most like actual breasts. The drawbacks of silicone include the fact that it may be more costly and difficult to maintain than other materials.
Due to its density and flexibility, latex is a less costly option to silicone and makes it simple to produce a shape that seems natural.
Foam is less costly than silicone and latex, but it does not have as realistic of an appearance. To clean it, use soap and water; however, you should avoid using talcum powder since it will adhere to the latex substance. Soft, portable, and permeable are the qualities of foam breast shapes.
Because they do not behave or move like real breasts, water-filled breast shapes are not particularly common. They are, nevertheless, exceedingly lightweight and simple to clean.

Care For Breast Form

To keep your breasts looking and feeling their best, proper care is essential. Here are some pointers for maintaining your breast tissue:
1. When using the glue on the breast form, only use water-based lubricants. The breast shape will detach once the petroleum-based lubricant breaks down the glue.
2. Keep your breast shape out of direct sunlight and very hot environments. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight may weaken the material and result in fracture or distortions where the light reflects on it.
3. Avoid applying glue to surfaces that have been sealed with silicone. The glue won't adhere to the surface and won't come off easily.
4. Maintain the cleanliness of your breast forms by cleaning them with soap and water after each usage. Alcohol and other cleaning agents should not be used since they might harm the fabric.
5. Keep your breast forms in their original box or a soft cloth bag while not in use.

Using A Bra With Your Breast Form Has Advantages

  1. Comfort - A bra gives your breast shape support and comfort. This is crucial if you're wearing a water-filled form since they may be cumbersome and unpleasant without it.
  2. Stability - A bra aids in stabilizing and preventing movement of the breast form. This is crucial if you are moving around or wearing a form that is not fastened to your chest.
  3. Shaping - A bra can help you sculpt and define your breast form for a more natural appearance.
  4. Protection - A bra can guard against deterioration and wear and tear on your breast form.
  5. Longer Use - By offering support and protection, a bra can help your breast form last longer.
Because they resemble genuine breasts in appearance and feel, silicone breast shapes are the finest. To meet your demands, you may get them in a range of forms, dimensions, thicknesses, hues, and designs. It is worthwhile to test other forms since they each have advantages and disadvantages that fit various requirements.To keep your breasts looking and feeling their best, proper care is essential. Usage a water-based lubrication, shield them from intense heat and sunshine, and clean them after each use are the three most crucial things to keep in mind.
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These breast forms are made of top-quality silicone material. It's highly stretchable, and identical in appearance to real skin. As for the fillings, two options are available. The elastic cotton is light in weight, allowing for longer periods of use while providing realistic stuffing. The silicone ..
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These breast forms are made of top-quality silicone material. It's highly stretchable, and identical in appearance to real skin. As for the fillings, two options are available. The elastic cotton is light in weight, allowing for longer periods of use while providing realistic stuffing. The silicone ..
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