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Many crossdressers use wigs as the finishing touch to their metamorphosis. So how can you know if a wig will actually look good on you?

Hairstyles, like face features and body types, vary greatly amongst individuals. Maybe your hairline has receded, or maybe you just want a new appearance. The correct wig may really help me feel more confident in my new feminine look, and I've discovered that this is the case when I put some thought into my purchase.

There are only a handful of considerations you need to make when picking out a wig. Check out your reflection and try to identify your facial features. Once you've done that, you'll be in a much better position to select a flattering wig style in the appropriate size. Find the right shade by identifying your natural skin undertone. The choice of best material is then left to you. The exciting moment has arrived: putting on the wig and previewing your new feminine look. Enjoy!

If you take my suggestions for improving your femininity to heart, you will soon be the woman you always wanted to be.

Step 1: Understanding Your Face Shape

1. The Difference Of Face Shapes Between Male And Female

It doesn't take a pro to notice the obvious differences between male and female facial features. Some, like facial hair, are more blatant than others. Here is a quick rundown of a few of those nuances.

Chin and jawline

Though many transvestites feel uneasy in their new female identities, a good wig can help them feel more at home in their new attire. It's possible that our jawlines and chins are quite square and angular. In comparison to a man's, a woman's chin and jawline will appear more rounded and soft. Some differences in facial structure between sexes appear to exist. By framing the face in just the right way, the right wig can give any of us the elusive feminine allure we've been seeking.

Forehead and cheeks

To choose a wig, this is a crucial first step. Depending on whatever you choose, it might draw attention to your most attractive features or cover up your less desirable ones. If a male has experienced hair loss like the rest of us, he may have a more rounded profile in his forehead, which will make it wider and longer than a woman's. Also, women's foreheads will gradually straighten up and adopt a more uniform shape. It will make their eyes seem lower since their hairline will be closer to the cheeks. Just like foreheads, everyone's cheekbones are unique in their own way. It's because women have more fat in their faces than males do so their cheeks seem rounder.

2. Different Face Shapes

● Oblong face shape

A longer than usual profile is indicative of a face that is long-shaped. You may check by taking a measurement over your whole face if you're concerned. The first number should be greater than the second number if your face is oval.

Finding a wig with curly or wavy hair is ideal. A rounder, shorter face is the result. If trimmed correctly, bangs may help conceal the crown of the head, and angled bangs are ideal for this purpose. Hair that is curly or wavy and long enough to reach the shoulders is ideal.

To get the best jawline framing, stay away from shorter wigs and those with straight hair or bangs. Right now is the moment to go for it and realize your most ambitious goals.

● Heart face shape

The hallmarks of a heart-shaped face are prominent cheekbones, a broad forehead, and a narrow, sometimes pointed (v-shaped), lower face. A heart-shaped face is lucky, because any attractive woman would kill for your V-shaped chin and high cheekbones.

Choose a wig with bangs long enough to drape across your face; this will help disguise the roundness of your face above your ears. If the wig is resting so low on your forehead, it's likely that you're making an effort to conceal thinning hair. The best option is a side-parted, banged cut. A bob or layered wig can help you appear more proportional if your lower face is wider than it is tall.

● Square face shape

A wide, square chin and a hairline that runs directly over the forehead are telltale signs of a square face. The length and width of your face will be almost equivalent. Most likely, your hairline is straight, and if one were to look you in the eye, they would notice that your hair is on the finer side.

Advice on Choosing the Proper Hairpiece Square-faced people like myself can benefit from wearing wigs that draw attention to the top of the head by making it appear higher and fuller. The length and width of the symmetrical square grow as a consequence. Shorter to medium-length wigs, especially those with waves or roundness around the face, are great options if you want to soften your face's angular form with an off-center part. It's essential to put on mass in the temples and the cheeks. Having a strong jaw means you shouldn't wear a long, straight, flat wig.

● Round face shape

Round faces, like square ones, are symmetrical when viewed from any angle. On the other hand, your jaw and hairlines won't be as angular. A round face has a top and bottom that are almost the same distance apart as its widest point. If your face is round, you're in luck: A wig will help attract attention to your gorgeous full cheeks.

There are many options for wigs, so even individuals with round faces can find one that suits them. Try to locate a wig that can cover your chin and shoulders. Hair on the top (or crown) should be thicker than hair on the sides and the back of the head. Alternatives to conventional middle-parted wigs include those with asymmetrical top layers.

The cheeks and the ears are the broadest portions of your face, therefore you should avoid letting them get too big.

Step 2: Choosing A Wig

1. Wig Size

This is the simple part. If you're measuring fabric, use a measuring tape made for that purpose. Take a measurement around your head from the front of your ear to the back of your skull. Make sure the tape measure goes completely around your head, ending up above your ears. Please make a mental note of how lengthy it is. When determining a suitable wig size, this is the most critical measurement to keep in mind. 

2. Wig Material

Wigs can be made from one of two common materials. There are wigs that are made entirely of human hair and wigs that are made entirely of synthetic fibers. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option, so keep reading if you're curious.

● Synthetic fibers


These wigs have the potential to be the most adaptable I've seen. The cost of a wig like this can be surprisingly low. This wig can be ideal if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Synthetic fibers are becoming increasingly realistic and inexpensive as a result of technological advancements. Most crossdressers choose this kind of wig. The synthetic fibers in many of these wigs add some more texture and layering, and I love that they make hair look like I just stepped out of the salon with new highlights. You may find these wigs in any costume store or even in a major department store.


In my opinion, there are several drawbacks to using entirely synthetic fibers. When I wear a backless top or dress, the synthetic fibers in my wig irritate the skin where the hair scrapes against my neck and back. Finally, you may overheat when wearing a wig, particularly when venturing outside, because of the fiber it is made from.

● 100% Genuine human hair


In terms of appearance and comfort, these wigs are unparalleled. The first time I put one of these on, I was shocked at how realistic it looked. There is nothing quite like the confidence boost that comes from finally having your own real feminine hair. I could have easily sat and admired my reflection for a long time.


You've undoubtedly guessed correctly that these wigs are not cheap. In some cases, the price of a wig can reach the hundreds of dollars if it is manufactured from genuine hair. They may also be more difficult to locate than the alternate options; your best bet is to look in specialized stores or on the internet. Furthermore, when you put one of these wigs on, it could feel extremely ponderous. Until you grow your own hair, you'll have no idea how much your friends' hair weighs in comparison.

3. Wig Color

The color of your wig is an additional factor to consider while deciding on the finest wig for you. Identifying your skin tone is the first step in the process, much as when you shop for makeup.

When I was first starting, I had a lot of problems finding out how to judge skin tone. After trying a wide variety of approaches, I found the white paper technique to be the most fruitful. It will tell you if your skin is naturally warmer or colder.

Use of white papers

Get a clean sheet of white paper, whichever size works for you. There can be no smudges or stains on the paper in any way shape or form. Examine your reflection while holding the paper such that the edge brushes your cheek. Rosa, pink, or bluish-red complexion indicates a cool skin tone. Your skin tone is more likely to be warm if your face seems more yellow. There's a good probability you have a neutral skin tone, in which case you either can't perceive any colors or see a grey tint.

If your skin is naturally pale

Wigs with neutral tones including black, brown, blonde, beige, auburn, and honey should be sought for. You could go with bright reds or perhaps purple if you wanted to go for something more daring.

If your skin is naturally heated

It might be more challenging to make decisions if you have a warmer skin tone. Examine the product descriptions for wigs and hunt for chocolate, mocha, chestnut, cinnamon, or amber notes. It may seem like I'm offering many of synonyms for "brown," but there are important distinctions to be made. It's only when you put the wigs side by side that you'll see the difference. Wigs that are mostly one shade of brown or blonde with highlights of a contrasting shade are worth looking into.

Step 3: Putting On Your Wig

Put your wig on in just 5 simple steps!

1.Make sure the form of your wig is maintained by placing it on a wig stand or by holding it high.

You should brush or comb your wig gently. You should brush your wig from the center outward. Assuming you've already brushed or combed the wig from the bottom up, you should switch to a gentler brushing motion and work your way back up to where you started. When you're through, give your entire wig a couple light strokes with a brush. Your wig is finished and ready to wear.

2.Use a wig hat or hairnet.

These fabrics are typically very sheer, like those used for tights. Ensure that the cap is snug enough that all of your unstyled hair stays put. Since my hair is naturally wavy and unruly, I take special care to keep it uniformly flat and smooth. Put a hairpin through the wig cap and the hair to keep it in place. If you do this, you may rest assured that no strands of hair will be seen through your feminine hairdo.

3.The wig's interior structure, located on the underside, ensures that it will remain in place while you wear it.

Putting it directly on my head might cause a lot of itching, therefore the hairnet is a must. Find the wig's back and slip it on your head like a cap. The rear should be held in place as the front is pulled over the top of the head and fastened around the front of the forehead.

4.Take special care to conceal the wig cap and hairline.

Take a peek at yourself in the reflection and make any necessary tweaks to the setup. You may keep it in place with hairpins.

5.Smooth it out with a comb or brushes and revel in your new style.

Step 4: Wig Care

After shelling out cash on a wig, you probably want it to last as long as possible. Maintaining the condition of your wig is as simple as following these instructions.

1.In order to extend the life of your wig, you should wash it after twenty to thirty wears, or once every few months.

You should just need a tiny bit of shampoo. Carefully work the shampoo into the wig while washing it in a mild stream of water. Remove the shampoo by rinsing well. Just the right temperature and gentle flow rate of water is all that's needed. Handling the wig roughly can cause individual hairs to break off.

2.When you're finished washing the wig, blot it dry with a towel.

Kindness once more. Following a pat-down with a towel, the wig should be hung from a stand to dry. Keep away from the blow dryer. Keep the wig out of the sun. The wig could fade or melt in the sun, and both are potential hazards.

3.Human hair wigs benefit from being treated with conditioner.

Wigs composed of synthetic fibers can be styled with hair oil. There's no requirement to do this, but it might help your wig last longer.

4.Take care with how you keep your wig stored.

If you want to keep your hairstyle in place, a wig stand is your best bet. The wig should not be folded or stored in a flat position. The wig could become mangled beyond the point of repair by brushing, or its form could be permanently altered.

Having read this, you may confidently select the ideal wig for your needs. Don't forget these simple instructions, and I have no doubt that you'll find the path that leads you to the beautiful woman you've always imagined being.

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