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Elsa Babe 150cm( 4'11'' ) | Aurora

Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 411 ) | Aurora
Elsa Babe 150cm( 4'11'' ) | Aurora
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Designed and handcrafted by Elsa Babe, this gorgeous girl is a premium quality silicone sex doll. Elsa Babe designs are inspired by Anime, Manga and Hentai cartoons. So why not turn your hentai fantasy into a real-life love doll companion today at SensualDolls, a verified and trusted Elsa Babe supplier. Unlike many other well-known sex doll brands, Elsa Babe offer a truly unique customization feature; the ability to change or choose the doll's breast size when ordering. While Elsa Babe might not offer dozens of other customizations like skin colour and toenail colour, we think this amazing feature makes up for that! How big do you wanna go? Breast size options include S, M, L, XL, and of course XXL.
Elsa Babe tries to bring products to those who want to have their perfect "waifus". The single most appeal of Elsa Babe is their pricing - when compared with competing silicone doll makers, Elsa Babe is more affordable which enables them to reach a bigger audiences. If you're into the anime look, Elsa Babe got you covered. 

***This doll is sold without any of the clothes and accessories / jewels shown in the photos***


*The weight of your doll will vary according to the chosen breast/ bust size. All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly. 

Brand: Elsa Babe
Head in photos: XHB005
Material: Premium Grade Silicone
Height: 150cm / 4'ft 9"
Weight: 27.5kgs / 60.63lbs *
Small Bust: 82cm / 32"
Meduim Bust: 84cm / 33"
Large Bust: 90cm / 35.5"
X Large Bust: 92cm / 36"
XX Large Bust: 95cm / 37.5"
Waist: 50cm / 19.69 inch
Hips: 79cm / 31.1 inch
Shoulder Width: 28cm / 11.02 inch
Arm Length: 40cm / 15.75 inch
Hand Length: 16cm / 6.3 inch
Thigh Length: 34cm / 13.39 inch
Thigh Circumference: 44cm / 17.32 inch
Calf length: 42cm / 16.54 inch
Calf Circumference: 28cm / 11.02 inch
Leg Length: 21cm / 8.27 inch
Vaginal Depth: 15.5cm / 6.1 inch
Oral Capable: Yes

✔ Top Genuine Sex Doll Brands.

✔ Best Price Guarantee. Found it for less? No problem! We will compensate the difference.

✔ Fast & Anonymous Shipping. Logistic companies: Ups, FedEx & DHL.

✔ Buy Now & Pay Later or slice payments with Klarna.

✔ Custom clearance & taxes handled by SensualDolls.

✔ 24/7 customer support.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee 

Sensualdolls guarantee the lowest factory-direct price in the industry.

We are an authorized seller of genuine, high quality sex dolls from the best know sex doll factories around the globe. However, the high quality materials and extensive quality control makes our dolls quite a big investment.

Despite that, we want to offer the most reasonable price to our customers. Therefore, if you find a company which sells genuine sex dolls at a lower price, we are willing to match their price.

Note: this only works with authorized re sellers who sell genuine sex dolls only and only within the first 24 hours after your purchase (as prices do fluctuate).

Found the same doll for less? Here’s what you can do:

  • Firstly, contact SensualDolls at [email protected]
  • Let us know where you have found the lower price and allow us to investigate the seller.
  • We will match their price if the seller under examination is an authorized vendor that carries genuine sex dolls.



After selecting your doll and confirming your order with us, we immediately begin production as soon as the payment arrived. Your doll will take 10 – 14 days before it is ready for dispatch.

Once your doll is complete, we send you a selection of images of your doll for your approval. Once you have approved, we will dispatch to couriers.


Before shipment is arranged, our quality control staffs will thoroughly check your doll for imperfections and will package your doll for shipping only it is in perfect condition.

Typically, dolls are shipped via air using express couriers like UPS and Fedex. International delivery will take from 3 to 7 days, with live tracking available from the courier and our website.


We understand the importance of privacy. Therefore, each doll is carefully packaged in a way the hides the contents of the box. Only you will know what has been delivered as there is no indication on the outside of the box.

We offer white glove delivery service and are confident that you will be happy with our services.


For our US customers. we offer a doorstep delivery and will NOT charge any customs, import taxes, or duties.

For all other countries, import duties levied by your local authority – on import, will be paid for the customer as the importer of the product.

We do not pay import duties as every country has their own system and taxation fees. However, we offer a customs clearance service and prepaid import fees for most EU countries at an extra fee of $100 USD


Each doll is packaged into a plain brown box with protective packaging and shock resistant foam from within. The box approximately measures 150cm(59in) tall, 42cm(16.5in) wide and 28cm(11in) deep but may vary depending on the size of your doll.

We also offer an upgraded flight and storage case for a fee of $550 USD which can be added to your doll when selecting your product options.

If you have any questions with regards to the ordering and delivery process, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.


  • Free shipping worldwide by FedEx or UPS.
  • We ship the doll only after customer approves photos of his doll from the factory.
  • When the doll is shipped, we will provide her tracking code in the next 2-3 days.
  • Our packaging is discreet (shown below) - there are no labels, markings or logos.


Import taxes and duties

Prices you see on the website include import duties, taxes and VAT for all of the countries (excluding: Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Finland, United Kingdom, Malta, Canada). Import taxes for the excluded countries usually amount to anywhere from $100-$200. SensualDolls will handle processing with customs. Therefore, shipments will arrive at your doorstep without any hassle.

Discreet Shipping

If you don’t want to receive the order at home, we can send it to FedEx store (US only) or DHL store (rest of the world) and you can pick up the package there. Photo ID and signature will be required to retrieve the package.

Order cancellations

Customers may cancel their orders within 24 hours of placing it. After the 24 hour period if you want to cancel, please contact us at [email protected]


Every manufactured doll is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factories. Product quality is extremely important to us.

Upon initial receipt of the doll, if there appears to be a defect or damage, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

If the doll arrives and you require a refund, the doll’s package has to be unopened, the doll has to be unused, also the customer will have to bear the costs of shipping it back to the factory. Please check our Purchase Guarantee page for more details.

Custom Doll Shipping Times

  • Europe: ~30 days
  • North America: ~10-14 days
  • Australia: ~10-14 days
  • Asia/Russia: ~25 days

In-Stock Doll Shipping Times

  • USA Warehouse: 3 - 7 business days.
  • EU Warehouse: 3 - 14 business days.


If you have any questions, please check out our Help Center. In addition, you can talk to us using the live chat widget on the bottom right of the website.

Skeleton type: full range of motion with articulated joints


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